When the last line of defence

Does no profit,

We still win on the

Best compromise.

Want a successful business?

Build an effective structure

Asset disposal?...

I know how you feel

Aml. Removing the risk

Of being misunderstood

You can`t escape yourself,

But you still can relocate

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We provide comprehensive legal services. By contacting us on one question, you can be sure that related tasks will be solved within the framework of your main request.

Work with us

Modern Corporate governance and structuring worldwide, i.e. we will manage your companies according to the last up to date legal requirements of each jurisdiction, and help you to correct your ownership structure if oversized or unreasonably multi-leveled.

Compliance and KYC of most complicated and big deals, I will help you to find out if there are any hidden risks in the documents supporting the deal, weather more documents required or not.

Acting as professional Escrow agent, if you are not sure that you can secure the deal even after compliance and KYC check, the law firm will act for you as duly appointed Escrow agent with responsibility for the smooth closure of the deal.

Applications to government bodies, me and my associates worldwide will communicate for you with different government bodies for the prompt solution of any procedural issues; for issuance of certificates and any other documentation confirming your proprietary rights.

- Apply to us any other legal and or administrative question so that we see if we can help you.

The Firm`s aim is to provide high quality professional services with attention and care, understanding, simplicity and consistency.

Elena G. Christodoulou LLC

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